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    Aku titip cemasku pada bintang

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    Hi! my name is Nur Rachma. I am a student in last semester of Tarumanagara University (UNTAR), Jakarta. (major of law faculty/ 2006). Since I joined the student press organizations on campus, I loved writing, I loved literature, I love pouring my critical opinion. I also loved social networking. You can see my social networking account here. Feel free to surf my online networking. FB: rahma distyani,/ Twitter: @lucerahma/ I was born in September, 1989. about my personality, I feel not so smart, but I want to keep learning and improving. I am a hard worker and a perfectionist but I would feel very down when it failed. loyalty and idealism of a place is me. Can help others is my happiness. And then, bad of me. I’d been full of emotion, but sometimes both. he..he.. :) And the dre
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