12 Jul 2014

I want to inspire people for being a human, even when I am long gone.

I want to be able to do small things, small steps, in order to walk on the right corridor for my bigger dreams. And not be afraid of anything and anyone anymore. Of anything and anyone who might challenge my ideas and hopes. Learn things not only to gain knowledge, but also to implement them in real life, first, for myself, after that, for other people. Be kind, be positive, be strong, and love myself. Be BRAVE to speak up, not afraid of what people might think of me. Move up, move forward. Let go of the past, live for the present. Not afraid of oppositions, learn from them instead. Learn to do what I want to do for a long time, and learn to do what I have to do for a short time. Be mentally independent still, physically more independent, and emotionally a little more independent. READ AND WRITE. Talk to people. Help people. Do things for good causes and intentions. Love the world. Be grateful. Know that things come at the right time.

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